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11h00 – 15h30

Membres : 55 €
Non membres : 102 €
Étudiants et demandeurs d’emploi avec justificatif : 37 €

Dr. Antje Brock et Julius Grund, UNESCO BNE-Programm « ESD for 2030 », Freie Universität Berlin


Emotional learning in education for sustainable development

Objectifs : 

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness on the crucial role of emotions for sustainability-related learning processes
  • Reflecting own emotions concerning sustainability challenges and solutions
  • Suggesting competencies and didactical methods of emotional learning processes

Contenu :

  • Insights into the role of emotions in our lives, for learning, and especially in the context of sustainability-related learning processes.
  • What are didactical ways of appropriately integrating the role of emotions in sustainability-related learning?
  • How can I personally make better use of inspiring “pull-factors” (motivations) in such learning settings, going beyond “push factors” (fear, frustrations) of dealing with the multiple crises?
  • The value of a realistic, and yet motivating perspective called „critical hope“ and ways to foster it.

Public cible : Educators in sustainability learning and related fields such as global citizenship education, education for sustainable development, development education.

Date limite d’inscription : 08.07.2022

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