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Caritas is looking for Consultancy for Development of a Strategic Plan for the Caritas Luxembourg International Cooperation Department (2025-2030)



The International Cooperation Unit (CCI) of Caritas Luxembourg (FCL) will re-orienting its policies, strategies and corresponding activity planning for its new strategy planning term, 2025-2030. Due to several external and internal challenges and changes.

The last major change inside the Caritas Strategy was done in 2019, while the strategy 2014- 2018 was not a complete strategy, just an action plan. This was a reaction to the increasing financial gap between costs and income linked to the “Enanbler” Strategy focussing on the support of the partner organisations and reducing the amount of money given to other European and in response to the request of the MAEE for CCI to concentrate their geographic and thematic focus. The 2019-2020 strategy started to reduce the number of projects from about 200 by 50%, the number of countries from 29 to 12 and reduced the financial gap by more than 55% by 2023.

The strategy “being prepared for the future” 2019-2020 was worked out in a participative approach with an external support and was a major change to the approach of the CCI until then.

The next and still ongoing strategy for 2021-2025 is just an update of the strategy 2019-2021, including the limitation to fewer subjects, the focus on “food security” and the decentralisation of staff towards filed offices (South Soudan, Laos, Sahel). The new staff policy is responsible for the reduction of staff costs since 2021 particularly in times of increasing salaries.

A new strategy is necessary for humanitarian and development projects, as several external events and internal decisions make the ongoing strategy obsolete. The Ukrainian war, the ceasing of funding from ECHO in Syria as well as the new financing modalities of CCI should be mentioned here. In addition, the new Accord Cadre starting 2026 must be drafted in light of the strategy.

The new strategy should take effect by 01.01.2025 (Tbc) and be valid until the end of the next Accord Cadre on 31.12.2030. Nevertheless, the option of a shorter period due to staff changes is not excluded.


The CCI-Strategy should be in line with FCL’s general strategy as well as with the framework of its funding relationship with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE), including the Accord Cadre (AC) and take the later listed challenges into consideration:

  •   New funding structure of CCI by the FCL

  •   Probable creation of CCI asbl

  •   Reduced risk appetite (Syria, etc.)

  • Higher administrative and risk reduction expectations by the board and the Direction

  • Additional new technical requirements by the donors as the Greening of Humanitarian

    Help, CHS etc.

  •  Raising Insecurity

  •  Shrinking amount of ECHO Funding and private donors?

  • Departure / retirement of Key staff

  • Increasing staff costs

  • Unclear role of NGOs in the future (Localisation)

  • Remote Control


Under the direct supervision of the Steering Committee and supported by the Actin Group, the consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:

Phase 1- Assessment and Diagnostic Stage:

This Preliminary Assessment will provide the Consultant conducting the Strategic Review with insight into the current state of CCI and FCL and feedback should be internal (management/staff) and ex ternal (including clients). Key elements for review include:


  1. Overall organisational review (which will also aid in understanding bottlenecks and successes in service delivery). Also, the review must assess the strategic framework for the Ministry MAEE.

  2. Analyse the CCI Strengths, Challenges, Opportunity, and Threats (SCOT Analysis) in relation to its current operations and performance.

  3. Human Resources (Current and future needs)

  4. Finances and portfolio management (including general resource management), mainly looking at the financial structure since 2016 incl its changes and its consequences.

  5. Review the CCI existing vision, mission and strategic objectives.

  6. Consultations with stakeholders, incl Donors (private and institutional, partners, beneficiaries (if possible), staff members etc.

Inception report with workplan, tools for review, desk review and copy of preliminary assessment.

Phase 2: Development of the Strategic framework

  1. Develop with the team new strategic goals, incl indicators takin the above- mentioned challenges into consideration.

  2. Review the organisational functions and operations and adopt them to the new strategy.

  3. Recommend the most appropriate operational model(s) in case of a separation from FCL.

    Deliverables: Final Plan with concrete recommendations, mission and strategic objectives incl Indicators, the human and financial consequences and mechanisms to ensure organisational learning and innovativeness


    The contract duration is 6 months with a maximum of 35 working days for the 2 phases and the final reporting.


    It is important to have a 360-degree review of the activities and the expectations and field of interests of the different stakeholders. Therefor the following structure is proposed:

    Steering Committee: The steering committee will principally follow the process of the strategy development and approve intermediary milestones and the final strategy. It should consist of:

    • Head of CCI

    • Deputy CCI

    • 1 relatively new staff member CCI

    • 1 representative of the Direction

    • 1 representative of the Board

    • 1 person representing Communication and Fundraising

    • 1 person of the Financial Department

      Action Group:

      The Action group will deal with the development of the strategy on a day-to-day basis and report to the steering committee:

    • Head of CCI

    • Deputy CCI and or a Senior Desk officer

    • 1 relatively new staff member CCI

    • ensure with 1 person of the financial department


    • Prior consultative engagements of a similar nature and experience in project management as demonstrated in previous assignments.

    • Familiarity with international cooperation and the NGO sector (10 years), if ever possible also concerning Luxembourg and the Caritas Family

    • Excellent and proven analytical skills.

    • Excellent and proven French writing and speaking skills as the majority of the meetings and interviews will be held in French.

    • Excellent and proven English writing skills.

    • Strong interpersonal skills – including but not limited to –relationships with people.

    • Capacity to organise and facilitate consultative meetings.


      CCI will use the “best value for money” principle as part of the criteria for determining the best proposal.

      Price: 50%
      Availability 10%
      Experience (incl. Luxembourg and Caritas) 40%


      The consultant is expected to submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their suitability: – Technical Proposal: Brief proposal explaining why you are the most suitable for this consultancy including confirmation on availability to complete the project in the prescribed period; – Financial Proposal: (specifying the total lump sum amount as well as the requested amount of the fee per day incl travel costs)


      The Consultant shall not either during the term or after termination of the assignment, disclose or authorize the disclosure of any proprietary or information related to the consultancy service without prior written consent.

      CCI also adheres to strict child safeguarding principles. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to these standards and principles and will therefore undergo rigorous reference and background checks. Background checks will include the verification of academic credential(s) and employment history. Selected candidates may be required to provide additional information to conduct a background check.


      Consultant meeting the above criteria is requested to submit a proposal to containing:

      • Confirmation of the understanding of the Terms of Reference and capacity and capability to deliver on the TOR;

      • The methodology, work-plan and timelines for undertaking and completing the audit and the deliverables;

      • Financial proposal indicating the separately proposed fees and any additional expenses (travel,…);

      • A Curriculum Vitae.


      • FCL may invite the consultant for providing additional information’s prior to the approval of a proposal.

      • Closing date for submitting the proposal: 31 December 2023