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Caritas Luxembourg proposes to hire for its local office in Torit (South Sudan) International Cooperation Department a Resource Manager (m/f/x) Fixed term contract of 2 years


Working under the supervision of Caritas Luxembourg South Sudan Head of Mission, the Resource Manager is responsible for supervising the Resource Team, composed by the Finance, Logistics and Human resource departments are ensure that objectives related to each department are achieved.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Financial policies and procedures are designed, aligned with the legal requirements and national legal framework, and applied.

  • Budget for project proposals and financial reports are elaborated in coordination with Headquarters.

  • Budget follow-up and forecast are monthly monitored with Head of Mission and Programme Coordinator.

  • The budget for annual mission coordination costs is planned throughout the programme and expenditures are closely monitored.

  • The accounting is reconciled and closed on a monthly basis.

  • Monthly and yearly closing of account is done with the aim that the statement reflects the

    financial reality of the mission.

  • Financial strategy is defined with the Head of Mission, financial risks are assessed and

    mitigated and a relevant internal control system is in place, in order to honour financial

    obligations while ensuring that financial ethics are respected.

  • Supporting documents are checked, compiled and recorded.

  • Efficient management of the treasury to ensure smooth running of operations: Monthly cash request and forecast are monitored with HoM and PC and submitted to HQ, cash box and bank accounts are managed, cash is collected from the bank, working advances are delivered and monitored, payments and engagements are checked and validated, suppliers and partners are paid.

  • Provide the Head of Mission with regular indicators to monitor the organization’s financial resources and measure cost-effectiveness, efficiency and results.

  • Capacities of the Finance and Accounting team are strengthened to achieve the expected objectives of the department.


Human Resource
The Resource Manager is responsible for ensuring that the following objectives are achieved by the Human Resource Department:

  • Human Resource and Administrative issues are aligned with legal requirements

  • The staff policy and its annexes (1.Perdiem Policy, 2.Salary Scale, 3.International Flight policy, 4. Private Use of Caritas Luxembourg’s vehicles, 5. Complaint Handling Policy and mechanism) are correctly applied, updated and are understood by the organisation members.

  • Payrolls, payslips are prepared and salaries, pension, gratuity and PIT are paid on a monthly basis

  • Job Descriptions, organisation chart, and decision-making channels are designed and updated.

  • Recruitment strategy is defined and applied with the objective of recruiting professional staff with potentials to develop within the organization.

  • Recruitment process are conducted to fill the human resource needs of the organisation, in accordance with the available budget.

  • Staff members have a contract following the local labour law and are covered by a medical insurance contract.

  • Working schedule is prepared and adapted to the needs of the organisation.

  • Staff well-being is guaranteed.

  • Internal and external complaints are handled by the Complaint Handling Officer and the Complaint Handling Committee.

  • The organisation liaises with a lawyer to resolve or avoid potential legal issues.

  • A career development programme is defined in order to increase long term commitment and contribution.

  • A capacity building strategy for the human resource of the organisation is defined with systematic briefings and induction and regular training sessions conducted.

  • Capacities of the Human Resources Officer are strengthened to achieve the expected objectives of the department.

  • Annual appraisal is conducted.

  • Annual external financial audit is conducted.

  • Conflicts and disputes are detected and resolved.

Logistics and Supply
The Resource Manager is responsible for ensuring that the following objectives are achieved by the Logistics and Supply Department:


  • Quarterly procurement planning is elaborated, in coordination with Finance, Logistics and Programmatic.

  • Procurement procedures of the organisation are strictly applied by the bidding committee.

  • Supply strategy is in place, regular assessment of the market is done and a list of regular suppliers is defined.

  • Risks linked to the supply chain are identified and mitigation measures implemented it through a long-term strategy.

  • Terms of Reference are developed with the programmatic team and service contracts are elaborated with service providers.

  • Stock management: the inventory of assets is regularly updated.


  • Annual project planning and budget for logistics is defined and shared with the Head of Mission.

  • Logistics and technical activities of the organisation are monitored.

  • Logistics aspects of the compounds are managed (security, office space, electricity, maintenance and repair, water, etc).

  • Telecommunication system is managed: computers, internet, satellite phone, phones and airtime.

  • Local Security Plan is designed, regularly revised and correctly put into practice (in coordination with the Security Manager).

  • International and internal movements are planned and monitored (including transportation, accommodation, visas, per diem when necessary).

  • Travel logistics is managed: drivers, vehicle license, logbook, car maintenance and repair, safety measures etc.

Capacities of the Logistics Officer are strengthened to achieve the expected objectives of the department.

The Resource Manager is accountable for:

  • the Head of Mission (direct supervisor).

  • the Desk Officer, based at Headquarters (recruiter).

  • the Finance Controller based at Headquarters.

The Resource Manager is the direct supervisor of the Resource Team (Human resources, Logistics, and Finance), composed by:

  • Human Resource Officer.

  • Procurement and Logistics Officer.

  • Finance and Administrative Officer / Accounting Assistant .

  • The Finance and Administrative Assistant, based at Palotaka Office.

    The Resource Manager works in close collaboration with the Programme Coordinator. The Resource Manager works in close collaboration with the Security Manager.

    Candidate profile


  • Master /Bachelor degree in Finance/Economics/Business Administration.

         Experience : 

  • At least 10 years of professional experience in the field of international cooperation in non- governmental organizations or international organizations.

  • Excellent knowledge of Excel, and accounting software (SAGA).

  • Knowledge and experience of auditing.

  • Experience in managing the Logistics/Supply Chain.

  • Experience in managing the Human resources of an organisation.


  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills.

  • Excellent team spirit and interpersonal skills.

  • Capacity to work under stressful conditions or in conflict-affected zones.

    >>> How to apply?

    Applications accompanied by a CV, criminal record, copies of diplomas and work certificates should be sent until 14.07.2024 to Mrs. Claudia PEREZ at .

    A pre-selection will be made on the basis of the applications. The information collected is processed to enable Caritas Luxembourg to manage the applications it receives. It is intended for the members and services of Caritas Luxembourg, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data (RGPD).